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Mariah Carey’s Brother On Her Drug Addiction : ‘She’ll Die Just Like Whitney Houston!’ #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Mariah Carey’s Brother On Her Drug Addiction : ‘She’ll Die Just Like Whitney Houston!’ #PhatGyrlSnoop®


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Mariah Carey’s Brother On Her Drug Addiction : ‘She’ll Die Just Like Whitney Houston!’

And her brother Morgan has some choice words on Mariah’s marriage to Nick Cannon! Let’s jump into these addictive juicy deets shall we my Snoopas®??!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice via RadarOnline:

In a bombshell interview with The ENQUIRER, Morgan said he fears his 45-year-old sister “is struggling on a number of levels,” getting worse by the day, and surrounded by an entourage of enablers.

“She does not have a support system, and she is not mentally capable,” said the concerned brother, who has not directly spoken with Mariah in two years.

In another jaw-dropper, Morgan told The ENQUIRER he worries that the “One Sweet Day” singer may be unfit to care for her twins Monroe and Moroccan, as he thinks she’s been trying to numb her mental struggles with wine and champagne — even in her days as a mom-to-be.

“Mariah was drinking through her pregnancy — even while she was nursing,” Morgan claimed in The ENQUIRER, noting that the Grammy-winner even drank while in the maternity ward after giving birth to the children in April of 2011.

The “Always Be My Baby” singer’s boozing troubles snowballed, according to Morgan, after she began experiencing mental health issues in July 2001, which at the time was dubbed an “emotional and physical breakdown.”

He claimed, “I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary.”

Morgan said that in addition to the alcohol, Mariah is on a daily cocktail of powerful medications such as Zyprexa, Ativan and Depakote.

The brother told The ENQUIRER he’s scared that he doesn’t know the handlers Mariah’s surrounded herself with in recent years, as “she’s pushed away the only people who’ve been trustworthy.

Sounds familiar huh???!

Mariah’s brother also claims that her marriage to Nick Cannon was “a crock of s**t from the get-go,” stating Cannon “was never good for Mariah” and was only in it for the benjamins and higher celebrity status quo. Surprised??!

Sips tea….

No word from Mariah or Nick as of yet, but you know I’ll be snoopin!

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