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MC Ren Feels Left Out In N.W.A. Movie Trailer #PhatGyrlSnoop® (Video)


MC Ren Feels Left Out In N.W.A. Movie Trailer #PhatGyrlSnoop® (Video)


photo via Ren Instagram


MC Ren Feels Left Out In N.W.A. Movie Trailer (Video)

But does he have a point tho??! Let’s jump into these juicy NWA deets shall we my Snoopas®???!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice:

Now that the trailer for the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton is out, one ex-member is not too thrilled about how he is portrayed in the new biopic promotion.

MC Ren claims him and DJ Yella are not well represented as an important part of the rap group in the movie trailers.

Ren took it to the Twitter platform to air out his feelings:

“When you have bitches work on a hip hop film that don’t know shit about hip hop this is what happens. How the hell u leave me out after all the work I put into them records. It’s disrespectful to me, my family and most of all my FANS.”

Ren didn’t do any name dropping nor did he personally go after former N.W.A. members Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

Movie hits theaters August 2015 will you be watching??!

Check out the video Straight Outta Compton  RED BAND : Beyond The Trailer and drop your 2 cents below:

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