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New Couple Alert: Is Sanaa Lathan French Montana’s New Bae??! #PhatGyrlSnoop® (VIDEO)


New Couple Alert: Is Sanaa Lathan French Montana’s New Bae??! #PhatGyrlSnoop® (VIDEO)


Photo via French Montana Instagram


New Couple Alert: Is Sanaa Lathan French Montana’s New Bae??! (Video)

According to Diddy’s Insatgram recording, this may be true my Snoopas®! Let’s jump into these love and balla deets shall we??!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice:

Whelp, I guess you can say Khole K is officially out of the picture when it comes to rapper French Montana!  There’s a hot, well acclaimed actress  that is on the Coke Boys CEO’s agenda.  And it all started because of a new video that surfaced via his ace boon coon Diddy’s instagram page over the weekend.

Via #IFWT:

So it appears that last night Diddy and French Montana where in the studio together, drinking Ciroc with the Blue dot and all of that, even took a trip to the Playhouse night club in new York City. Though, that doesn’t look like the only thing they came across on there wild night out.

In the video below recorded and posted by Diddy, You see him and French Montana bumpin classic old school Marvin Gaye records cruising through New York City. But these two weren’t alone, to assist them was a very famous and well respected actress Sanaa Lathan. Sanaa Lathan starred in films like “Brown Sugar”, “Love And Basketball” and a upcoming film called “The Perfect Guy”.

When watching the video (that is on the bottom of the page), you see Sanaa Lathan all over French Montana and sitting on his lap as Diddy Records it. Diddy and French Montana are both men of class although they are apart of the Hip Hop Community, so before you say “Sanaa Lathan Can Do Better” remember that we aren’t speaking on some very respectable men themselves.

No word from either camp if that was really Sanaa or not, but based on Diddy’s sly grin there has to be some kind of truth to it! What’s your 2 cents??!

Check out the snippet below:

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