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Say Waaaah??! Death Of Bobbi Kristina Puts Nick Gordon On Suicide Watch? ‪#‎PhatGyrlSnoop‬®


Say Waaaah??! Death Of Bobbi Kristina Puts Nick Gordon On Suicide Watch? ‪#‎PhatGyrlSnoop‬®


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Say Waaaah??! Death Of Bobbi Kristina Puts Nick Gordon On Suicide Watch?

According to the birds chirping on the streets, this may be true my Snoopas®! Let’s jump into these juicy “suicide” deets shall we??!

Sources close to the family says Nick Gordon is very upset after losing the love of his life, Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died yesterday at the young age of 22.

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice Via Sydney Morning Herald:

In response to the news of her death, Gordon is reportedly “out of control” and friends fear he may take his own life.

Since Brown was put into a medically induced coma seven months ago, allegations have flown about what really happened behind closed doors in her relationship with Gordon.

Earlier this month he was served with a $10 million lawsuit for allegedly beating Brown and there is the possibility of a murder investigation following her death.

The allegations state that Gordon carried out a pattern of control and violent abuse towards Brown over the duration of their relationship, and even inflicted the violence that led to her lying unconscious in the bathtub in January, where she was found by ex-boyfriend Max Lomas before being taken to hospital.

The lawsuit also alleges that he often answered her cellphone, decided who she did and didn’t see, and controlled her inheritance from her mother while Brown was comatose. It claims “Even after Brown’s hospitalisation, and while she was in a coma, [Gordon] accessed Brown’s bank account and stole in excess of $11,000 from Brown’s bank account(s)” and that Gordon caused “visible life-altering bodily harm” on Brown.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is also reported to be working with Brown’s close friend, Bess Beckman, on charges against Brown. The GBI are rumored to have been waiting until Brown’s death so they could file maximum criminal charges against Brown, tying him to her death.

Is Nick messed up in the head enough to take his own life? Or is this just a front to cover up a guilty conscious??!

What’s your 2 cents???!

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