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Jay Z Doesn’t Want His Criminal Past Talk About In ‘Big Pimpin” Trial #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Jay Z Doesn’t Want His Criminal Past Talk About In ‘Big Pimpin” Trial #PhatGyrlSnoop®


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Jay Z Doesn’t Want His Criminal Past Talk About In “Big Pimpin” Trial

So Jay Z doesn’t want a California jury to hear about his hard-knock life huh?!  Let’s jump into these juicy “copy cat” deets shall we my Snoopas®??!

PhatgyrlSnoop® juice:

Jay Z reportedly filed a motion to keep the jury from considering his riches and past criminal history as factors during the copyright infringement case. Hov is trying his best to keep his wealth and his criminal past from being mentioned during the trail.

For those Snoopas® that are lost right now, let me do what I like to call a PhatGyrlSnoop® breakdown:

Osama Ahmed Fahmy claims that the Hov camp sampled his uncle’s, Egyptian composer, Baligh Hamdisong, song “Khosara, Khosara” and used it on the 90’s hit track “Big Pimpin”.

Back in 2007, Jay Z along with Timbaland, EMI, Universal Music, Paramount Pictures, and a long list of others were named in the copyright infringement lawsuit case. Hov and Tim are set to testify at the trial beginning October 13.

However Jigga’s team says that Hamdi’s family already received a “lump-sum buyout.” Also it was reported that Timbaland paid EMI $100,000 for the rights to “Khosara, Khosara.” But Fahmy’s attorney counter claim that under Egyptian law the deals mentioned were invalid.

The judge is still deciding what he wants to do. What’s your 2 cents….does Hov’s riches need to be under fire??!

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