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Rebecca Silvestra About The Game: “Right Now, We Are Not Together #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Rebecca Silvestra About The Game: “Right Now, We Are Not Together #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Photo via Bossip/The Game Instagram


Rebecca Silvestra About The Game: “Right Now, We Are Not Together”

Is anyone surprised???! Let’s jump into these juicy ‘Jayceon’ deets shall we my Snoopas®??!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice via Bossip:

She may have only just won The Game’s heart, but She’s Got Game winner Rebecca Silvera revealed she already cooled things with her rapper beau.

The Caribbean beauty beat out more than a dozen other woman for first place in the reality show, where the ladies competed to win the affections of The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor.

Silvera said timing, location and scheduling were to blame for the breakup.
“Right now, we are not together,” Silvestra told BOSSIP. “We tried to have a relationship, (But) coming off the show, he went immediately to work on his album. I live in Florida, he lives in L.A.”

Nevertheless, Silvera said she was grateful for the experience, and wouldn’t rule out filing another reality show.
“I loved being on the show,” she said. “It had its ups and downs, but it was nice. I would love to do another show.”

The mom of one said her strategy going in was twofold: play hard to get, and just be herself.
“I feel like I was unapologetically me,” she said. “I didn’t try too hard. I let him have his space.”

And with The Game kissing, dating and spending the night with other women, Silvera said she had to keep her feelings of jealousy in check. She also had to resist the pressure she felt to chat up the rapper every chance he had a free moment.
“You’re literally vying for every second,” Silvera recalled. “I refrained, and let him chill, and he respected me for that.”

Despite the breakup, Silvera said she has no regrets and insists that contrary to his image, The Game is a big softie who’ll make a woman very happy one day.
“Everyone had this perception of Game,” she said. “He is not what the public sees him as. Things didn’t work out between us, but one day a woman is going to get an amazing man. He’s just a really good guy.”

Guess she don’t “got game” after all!! What’s your 2 cents!!!

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