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Plies Sued For A No Show North Carolina Concert #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Plies Sued For A No Show North Carolina Concert #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Photo via Plies Instagram


Plies Sued For A No Show North Carolina Concert

And by the looks of it Plies had some tricks up his sleeve! Let’s jump into these juicy ”goon” deets shall we my Snoopas®???!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice via Bossip:

Concert promoters Delmont Promotions sued Plies in 2013 for skipping out on a show in North Carolina. The lawsuit explained the rapper was to perform in 2008, and the promoters spent massive amounts on advertisements and performance fees – totaling over $315,000 – and sold a large number of tickets to the concert.

However, the rapper then cancelled his show, citing a scheduling conflict and he failed to appear or perform as agreed. The company sued Plies, claiming they spent $17,000 for the venue, over $40,000 in booking fees, $25,000 in promotions to advertise the concert, $48,000 for Plies, $45,000 for Rick Ross, $26,000 for Trey Songz, $7,000 in flights and $3,000 in transportation.

The company explained in their lawsuit that the night he was SUPPOSED to perform in North Carolina, he actually went and performed in Florida for a sold out show for 25,000 people.

They said that they were going to bring in over a MILLION dollars from gross ticket sales and the company estimated they would have made $750,000 in profits.

Delmont Promotions said they served the rapper with the legal papers, but he blew off the entire case and never bothered to respond to the allegations in court.

The promoters filed docs demanding a default judgment in the case and they wanted a judge to order Plies to pay them a total of $750,000.

Then on August 3rd, the federal court judge got tired of waiting around for Plies to defend himself and granted the concert promoters a default judgment in for $504,145.75.

The judge said that his decision is based on the evidence provided by the promoters of all their out-of-pocket expenses, testimony and other records he was given to review. He also ordered that the $504,000 will increase with interest until Plies paid the full amount to the concert promoters.

Then recently Plies headed to court and demanded the $504,000 judgment be thrown out explaining he never even knew he was being sued!

The rapper said that he was never served with the legal papers in the case. He said the plaintiff’s former lawyer – who is now disbarred from practicing – attempted to serve the papers to an address he has never lived at or had for business purposes.

Further, Plies said the lawyer lied to the court about serving him in the legal battle. Plies also said he never signed a contract with the promoter but he is willing to fight the allegations in arbitration.

The judge in the case sided with Plies and vacated the default judgment and will allow the case to continue on with the rapper being able to defend himself against the allegations.

Aint no $504,145.75 bih!!!! What’s your 2 cents??!

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