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Oprah On Secret Son Confrontation: “He Never Was My Son” #PhatGyrlSnoop®


Oprah On Secret Son Confrontation: “He Never Was My Son” #PhatGyrlSnoop®


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Oprah On Secret Son Confrontation: “He Never Was My Son”

And the Big O did not seemed to be phased at all! Let’s jump into these juicy “mama mogul” deets shall we my Snoopas®??!

As she exited from an interview with Stephen Colbert, Oprah was confronted by her alleged -secret son pleading to her for answers on why she had abandoned him back in the 90’s aaaaaaand for a couple of dollars!

PhatGyrlSnoop® via Bossip/ET:

As it turns out, Oprah’s “son” has no blood relation to her at all. As she revealed to Entertainment Tonight, Calvin Mitchell is actually a man she tried to help out when she met him as a young boy living in the projects in Chicago:

“I met Calvin around the early ’90s, I think it was 1992. I was doing a film for television called There Are No Children Here. We were shooting in the projects in Chicago and I was sitting on set during a break, and this cute little sparkly-eyed boy came underneath the yellow tape to hand me a soda. I was so charmed by him that I started talking to him about his family, his school life, and found out that he was in a situation where his mother didn’t have a job and they were stuck in the projects.”

Oprah had the boy enrolled in one of Chicago’s best private schools, but he didn’t attend frequently. When Oprah checked in, the family said they “had trouble waking up” to get him to school on time — so Oprah came up with a new solution to get Calvin the best education possible.

“I had a long conversation with him about how disappointed I was but I was going to give him another chance,” she continued. “I found a school in Mississippi that was a private boarding school because I thought if I could remove him from the environment that he’d been accustomed to growing up in, that maybe that would be helpful to him.”

Oprah told ET that, at 16 years old, Calvin said that he couldn’t stay at the boarding school because “the teachers didn’t like him.”

“I said, ‘Calvin, this is the moment. This is a seminal moment for you. I know you are 16 and can’t see the road ahead, but if you leave this school and refuse to get an education — I have tried to offer you an education twice — there isn’t another school I can put you in. If you leave this school, I am done. There is nothing else I can do.’ … And that was my last conversation with Calvin in the early ’90s.”

Even though Oprah said it was a set up, if she  was said to be your birth mother, won’t you look for her rich a$$ too???! What’s your 2 cents??!

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