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Love and Hip Hop’s 1st Gay Couple Call It Quits #‎PhatGyrlSnoop‬®


Love and Hip Hop’s 1st Gay Couple Call It Quits #‎PhatGyrlSnoop‬®


Photo via Miles Christopher Instagram


Love and Hip Hop’s 1st Gay Couple Call It Quits

By the looks of things it’s all going to play out on the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunion! Let’s jump into these juicy “break-up” deets shall we my Snoopas®??!

PhatGyrlSnoop® juice:

Seems like the blood  between “Love and Hip Hop” star’s Miles Brock and his now ex Milan Christopher have gotten worse, leaving one in handcuffs! Apparently there were some cheating antics involved before the Miles Brock coming out episode even aired!

Milan Christopher via Instagram:




In case you missed this drama, let’s do a PhatGyrlSnoop® breakdown via TMZ:

“Love and Hip Hop” star Miles Brock was arrested Halloween night after allegedly attacking ex-BF Milan Christopher who’s also on the show.

Law enforcement tells us Milan went to NYPD cops Friday night, claiming he and Miles ended up at the same party, they started arguing and Miles slugged him in the face.

Milan filed a police report and the next night Milan tracked Miles down in Times Square, found a cop and pointed Miles out.

The cop cuffed Miles and placed him under arrest for assault.

My PhatGyrlSnoop® senses are telling me based on Milan’s recent posts, this incident stemmed from them seeing each earlier at the reunion taping.

Milan Christopher via Instagram:

So my trip to NYC for the #lhhhreunion was very painful. Right now I’m setting aside one of the most dramatic situations I have ever experienced in my life for the sake of my community, my heart & my sanity. If you guys only knew the pain I have faced in the last 72 hrs and the information I have been bombarded with in the last two weeks, I think you would understand what I am going through and even more the emotional rollercoaster that has came to you front and center in the last week or so. It’s so much I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you guys what has happen. I’m sure one day I will have enough strength to do so. But for now I am just going to hold my composure and tell you all “I truly appreciate all of the love & support you all give me day in an day out”. And the fact that a lot of you could see the snakes even before the grass had been cut and even before my naive comprehension allowed me to. I Love you guys, and I only ever want to be portrayed as the creative, loving, & giving person that I am. But Hollywood, and the people who spring up from this place & witnessing the unauthentic & their web of lies spiral and attempt to entangle me can be to much to the good hearted, devastating to the soul, and the antagonist to anyone who tries to be their true authentic selves. I need a moment to gather my next moves, my life and my purpose because everything is so foggy right now. It really has been a lot, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want you all to have a wonderful week 🙌🏽 my true friends are here with me and I will talk to you guys soon when the time comes. #MilanChristopher #ChangingTheWorld #TheVoiceOfThePeople

The morning after the alleged arrest, Miles used the Instagram platform to address the issue:



Doesn’t appear these two will be on board for the next season!

It’s a shame, just when Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s story lines was actually getting interesting! What’s your 2 cents??!

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