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LHHATL Spoiler Alert: Meet Scrapp DeLeon’s Alleged Real Girlfriend & Baby Mama #PhatGyrlSnoop


LHHATL Spoiler Alert: Meet Scrapp DeLeon’s Alleged Real Girlfriend & Baby Mama #PhatGyrlSnoop

Photos via Erica Instagram/Fameolous


LHHATL Spoiler Alert: Meet Scrapp DeLeon’s Alleged Real Girlfriend & Baby Mama

This is Erica, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s star Scrapp Deleon’s alleged real girlfriend and baby mama!!!! According to Fameolous the tipster is a veeeeery credible source!! Let’s jump into these alleged ‘fake situationships’ deets shall we my Snoopas??!

PhatGyrlSnoop juice via Fameolous’s Tip:

According to the tip, Tommie and Scrapp have never dated or been in an intimate relationship.

Scrapp asked Tommie to do the show for a story line. Outside of swiping and stealing she has always wanted to be an actress. It’s all fake. Before the show started filming, he was mostly
Only f**king with his recent baby momma named Erica. She too classy for the show. He was NOT even f**king with Tiara. Tiara lives in the St. Regis and only fuck with dudes who got a check!

Tiara too… She not as nice as she pretends. She has screwed with nothing but dope boys. Helped them sell drugs and set dudes up too. She got three baby daddies they all been to the FEDS. Tiara won a lawsuit for a couple of mills. That’s what put her. This entire cast is fake.

She does work for the financial firm and date the clients who gotten mills or better. She did use to set dudes up… Especially her baby daddies. One use to beat the fuck out and she use to get him robbed and act like she was a victim.
Tommiee dates only Africans. Tommiee ain’t been to see Scrapp or write Scrapp neither has Tiara. Tiara cared a little due to their child but Scrapp was only f**king with Erica

Messy but juuuuuuicy….

And he has another kid with her!!!!

Snooped out some proof:

Check out Mama Karen’s post:


Now Scrapp took the pic down of the other kid pretty sure because of the show, and because he is currently locked up on a bid, look ladies, those pretty long locks are gone!!!sc2Get the popcorn ready and watch it all play out as “Mrs.” Jordan aka the ‘Puerto Rican Princess’ drop this bomb and more as the season progresses!!

If these deets are true, this will not be the first ‘fake situatioships’ the Love and Hip Hop producers fabricated for a storyline, remember Miles and Amber??!

What’s #Y2C???!

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