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Jussie Smollett To Leave Empire??! #PhatGyrlSnoop


Jussie Smollett To Leave Empire??! #PhatGyrlSnoop

Photos via Jussie Smollett Instagram


Jussie Smollett To Leave Empire??!

Talk about tweets that almost broke the net!!! But were they just misunderstood?! Let’s jump into these juicy ‘Empire’ deets shall we??!

PhatGyrlSnoop juice via BET:

Another blow for everyone’s favorite show.

If the events of the recent Empire season finale are to be believed, a major cast member has left the series for good.

Looks like Jussie Smollett will not be returning to the series, which has been plagued by low ratings in recent months.

In the episode titled “Rise by Sin,” Jussie’s character Jamal Lyon was accidentally shot by Freda Gatz, and now the actor is sparking rumors with a cryptic tweet that he — and his character — may not be coming back:

The actor also posted another tweet, leaving fans wondering if there was drama behind-the-scenes on the show:

Unsurprisingly, Jussie’s tweets left fans pretty outraged about the finale, with some even saying they will no longer be watching the popular FOX drama if Jamal is actually killed off.

This could be just another cliff hanger to boost the hype, after all we know there were many Empire rumors these past two seasons like Trai Byer’s aka Andre also planning to leave the show so really only time will tell.

Maybe he was just tweeting in Jamal Lyon mode….riiiiight???!

Sips tea….

What’s your 2 cents?!!!!

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