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Meet “Sweetie Pie’s” Star Tim Norman’s New Girlfriend #Phat


Meet “Sweetie Pie’s” Star Tim Norman’s New Girlfriend #Phat

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Meet “Sweetie Pie’s” Star Tim Norman’s New Girlfriend

Opportunity or authentic…you be the judge! Lets jump into these juicy ‘sweetie pie’ deets shall we my Snoopas??!

PhatGyrlSnoop juice:

Miss Robbie’s soN/”Sweetie Pie’s” star, Tim Norman, now has a new girlfriend and it’s leaving some people scratching their heads…..


So remember Jennifer Williams? One of the original “Basketball Wives” cast members, the one who’s ex-husband/NBA player, Eric Williams, threw a drink in her face on national TV?!

Well Jennifer is now reported to be Tim Norman’s new  boo and according to Jen he treats her very well.

Jennifer Williams via HipHopHollywood while at the press day for Sweetie Pie’s:

“He’s just so supportive. Things are going really well.”

Uh huh…while at the press day she also dropped some major hot and piping tea:

“I shot a few scenes.”

Yep, that’s right, you’ll see the ex-BBW on the OWN show…

Hmmmmmmmmmm…..very interesting indeed….

He sure doesn’t seem like Jen’s type. Oh wait! He got money right?! Let’s just see how this all plays out!

The PhatGyrl senses can’t help but to smell a storyline attempt for higher ratings!

What’s your 2 cents??!


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