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Matt Jordan To Peter Thomas And Todd Tucker: The Friendship Was Fake


Matt Jordan To Peter Thomas And Todd Tucker: The Friendship Was Fake


The husbands, (and boyfriends) of the Real house Wives Of Atlanta seem to stay out of their wives and girlfriends shady drama, but according to Kenya Moore’s ex boo thang Matt Jordan, there is a lot of whispering going on between “the bros” when it comes to banking off their leading ladies! Let’s jump into these juicy deets shall we my Snoopas??!

PhatGyrlSnoop juice:

Guess the “bro code” thing is out the window!

Remember when Matt Jordan called Kenya a “lying sack of s***” after promising him $10,000 if he filmed the reunion but took back the offer? Well, he took the matter to Instagram Live not only going in on Kenya, but also throwing other cast members Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker under the bus.

Matt alleges that Cynthia Bailey’s ex Peter and Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker gave him the 4-1-1 on how to get a $10K payout from Kenya just like they do to film RHOA.

Matt Jordan Instagram Live video via AllAboutTheTea.:

“Bruh, you need to be asking shorty for at least 10% of what she makes, that’s what our ladies give us. They getting all in my ear. And I’m like, y’all girls are different, my lady is different. That’s dangerous. You guys were married. They were like ‘Yo, Matt, you’re her storyline. You deserve monetary compensation.’”

On that $10K check he was promised for the RHOA reunion:

“They’re like you’re gonna make ten bands at the reunion. I brought the conversation back to Kenya, I don’t tell her that they said that.”

He also says that Todd and Peter stabbed him in the back and and the love between them was fake. Todd stopped taking his calls and Peter, who promised him a VIP section during CIAA at his club, curved him when he came into town.

“I love you my brother, whatever you need,” Matt says Todd once said to him. “Whole platform, the people in it was fake—it’s all cosmetic. […] Peter stabbed on me.”

Check out Peter and Todd’s response:

Could Matt be a little salty because Kenya straight twirled and blocked his coins causing him not to get a chance to appear on the reunion??! It’s apparent based on him making his social media pages private:

What’s your 2 cents?!

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