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Law Enforcement Found Ziploc Bags & Envelopes Filled With Pills Inside Prince’s Home

Law Enforcement Found Ziploc Bags & Envelopes Filled With Pills Inside Prince’s Home


As the one year anniversary of Prince’s passing approaches…more details behind the scenes continue to emerge. Let’s jump into these juicy deets shall we my Snoopas?!

According to search warrants just released by Minnesota authorities, Prince’s death was surrounded by the fact he kept a lot of pills stashed inside his home at Paisely Park….but that’s not the interesting part….

PhatGyrlSnoop via TMZ:

According to new docs, law enforcement found Ziploc bags with pills as well as envelopes containing pills.

The docs bear out what TMZ has reported … Prince’s bodyguard was the person who went to a Walgreens pharmacy the day preceding the singer’s death to fill prescriptions, including Percocet.

Remember this last footage of him the day before he died outside Walgreens?

And, Prince used an alias — Peter Bravestrong — and cops found a suitcase with that name that contained pill bottles along with the lyrics for the song, “U Got the Look.”

The main doctor who was treating Prince — Dr. Michael Schulenberg — admitted to a detective he had prescribed Prince Oxycodone the same day Prince OD’d on a jet — 6 days before he died. The doctor put the Rx in Prince’s bodyguard’s name.

Prince would regularly get B12 injections before his concerts to feel better and they were set up through his managers.

However…his ex-wife Mayte Garcia, paints a much different picture during her recent interview with 20/20:

Here goes the interesting part, it’s a known fact that Prince didn’t own a cellphone because allegedly he was hacked once and just  didn’t trust it. All his communications were through emails and landlines only.

What’s your 2 cents??!


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