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Kevin Gates 30 Month Prison Sentence: Fair Or Unfair

Kevin Gates 30 Month Prison Sentence: Fair Or Unfair

Bad news….Kevin Gates was facing a maximum 10 year prison sentence. Good news….he only got thirty months! And according to TMZ, his attorney, Herschel Rush, is very pleased with the outcome…but the question is….what’s Gates thoughts on it tho??! Let’s jump into these deets shall we my Snoopas!

Why you just show up for court man??!

PhatGyrlSnoop juice via TMZ:

Rapper Kevin Gates finally knows his fate in his gun case — he’s going to prison for 30 months.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois says Kevin appeared in court Wednesday and pled guilty to his original charge of felony gun possession. Remember, the outstanding weapons-related warrant popped up the same day he completed his sentence in Florida for kicking a woman in the face at one of his shows.

The warrant was issued because Kevin failed to appear in court for the 2013 gun case.

We’re told Kevin, who has been in jail since March 30, will be transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

“The Law” really making examples out of these hip hop artists these days!

What’s your two sense?!

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