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Mona Scott-Young To VH1: Boot Hazel E Off Love & Hip Hop Hollywood


Mona Scott-Young To VH1: Boot Hazel E Off Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Mona Scott-Young is very appalled  by Hazel-E’s homophobic social media rant,  so much so she wants Hazel to get fired ASAP!

Via Google images

Via TMZ:

Sources close to the ‘LHHH’ executive producer tell TMZ … she made it clear with VH1 she expects Hazel to get booted from the show for saying gays should burn in hell, but contrary to popular belief … Mona doesn’t get final say on personnel decisions.

Not only is Mona mad at Hazel E’s homophobic rant, she’s also ticked off about Hazel’s disrespectful comments about women of color.

Annnnnd according to TMZ, Mona’s production crew is not the only people who makes decisions when it comes to ‘LHHH’, so Hazel’s fate will be a group decision but she’s pressing the issue to VH1 to have her fired!

Here’s what Hazel has to say:

Via Hazel E. Instagram

Since then Hazel told TMZ that she’s sorry about her homophobic comments.  Sort of.

What’s your 2 cents?!

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