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Meek Mill: Get Me Out Of Solitary

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Meek Mill: Get Me Out Of Solitary

Meek Mill is not for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week solitary — and he wants out ….ASAP!

Mill desperately wants to be out in the general prison population……

Via TMZ:

Meek’s attorneys just filed legal docs saying he’s a victim of his celebrity. The lawyers say prison officials are worried about Meek interacting with other inmates, so they put him in solitary because it’s the only way they can protect him.

Meek’s legal team wants the judge to realize that solitary destroys a person’s psyche and in his case destroys his creativity. Although it’s said he’s writing and exercising a lot, the solitary is taking a huge toll on him already.

According to the street buzz, Meek believes he’ll survive in G.P. because of his impeccable streets cred and giving back a lot to the community since becoming famous.

But will Philli prisoners show love back??!

But there is some good news…..Meek will be getting his prison commissary for the first time this Friday for jailhouse necessities, and  he’ll get his first visitor sometime next week.

I don’t know Meek, there might be some Drake fans lurking in general pop!!!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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