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K. Michelle On Her Relationship With Dentist Bae Dr. Kastan Sims


K. Michelle On Her Relationship With Dentist Bae Dr. Kastan Sims

The singer recently sat down with ESSENCE Live to dicuss topics including her new album, the upcoming in vitro fertilization process to have twins, and getting freaky deaky with her fiance.

And the conversation got reeeeeeeally steamy…..

According to K, her relationship with Dr. Sims is just “different.” She says they actually look for side pieces for their bedroom action together in many places, including the strip clubs…

K. Michelle:

“I’m fun. Yeah we were at the strip club and I was like, ‘Oh do you like her?’ Sometimes I’m okay with contracting out the work [that’s] less work for me to do.”


When asked if she was really ok with her boo having a side chick, she says her and Dr. Sims sometimes compete when it comes to getting numbers from different women.

“Yeah, we flirt. We’ll compete to see who can get the most numbers. We’ve always said this, we define the terms of our relationship. Not society’s norms, me and him decide. We value having friendship, honesty, that’s what we value.”

It ain’t no fun if her dentist bae can’t have none!

What’s your 2 cents??!


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