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Too Short: Sexual Harassment Allegations All Lies


Too Short: Sexual Harassment Allegations All Lies

Hip HipHop artist Too Short says his former artist suing him for sexual battery has nothing but  deceit vibes and money signs on her agenda … and he’s making it his mission to fight back with his own legal action against her!

When studio sessions meets sexual harassment….

Via TMZ:

We got Short Monday in L.A. and asked for his reaction to Teana Louis claiming he sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions in 2016. The allegation is simply an extortion attempt … according to him, anyway.

The rapper insists the furthest they ever went sexually was foreplay — not intercourse, and certainly not sodomy as she claims.

Short told TMZ that he has plans to countersue, and has a special message for his accuser regarding her #metoo movement antics below:

So could he gave her a bad business dream and dome?! Just saying!

What’s your 2 cents??!

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