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Suge Knight’s Former Attorneys Charged With Trying To Bribe Witnesses


Suge Knight’s Former Attorneys Charged With Trying To Bribe Witnesses

Suge Knight really should do a tell-all movie/book…but somehow Suge may not really TELL ALL!!!! Especially after these alleged allegationagainst his former attorneys who are now being accused of bribing the justice system!

The ex-Death Row CEOs two former attorneys are now behind bars for allegedly trying to bribe witnesses in his murder case.

Attorneys Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper were arrested on felony charges of acting as after the fact accessories in Suge’s ongoing murder case.

As some may remember, Suge’s murder case stemmed from an incident at Tams burger joint in Compton. As a result he ran over 2 people, killing one of them, but claims he was acting in selfdefense.

The whole thing was caught on video surveillance.

Allegedly Fletcher tried to pay witnesses who were at Tams to say thathey saw the victims and others in possession of a gun, which is a critical key point in Suge’s defense according to legal docs obtained by the L.A.Times.

Culpepper on the other hand, allegedly tried to pay an informant to say he was present during the time of the incident at Tams, even having him to testify in a way that was sure to make Suge more favorable to the court and jurors.

Both attorneys are now being held on $1 million bail.

Doing time aint no fun if da lawyers can’t have some!

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