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Jay Z Trying To Legally Own Roc-A-Fella Hand Symbol


Jay Z Trying To Legally Own Roc-A-Fella Hand Symbol

Diamonds are forever (Yeezy’s voice), and his ex-bro Jay Z is trying to keep it that way!

According to TMZ, Hov wants to officially trying to lock down the Roc-A-Fella diamond hand sign for himself….but isn’t that already the unwritten hip hop rule anyways?!

Via TMZ:

The hip-hop mogul just filed legal docs to obtain exclusive rights to the iconic symbol — which Jay’s been flashing for years.

He applied for a trademark to use the diamond hand sign in a variety of entertainment services in either music, video, TV or film.

Interestingly, Jay was sued over the symbol in 2005 by Diamond Dallas Page — but the case was settled out of court, and it doesn’t look like DDP ever trademarked it for himself.

Jay’s ownership of the infamous the Roc symbol would just make it official.

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