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Big Sean Gets Ready For His 30th Birthday Spreading Mental Health Awareness

Via Big Sean Instagram


Big Sean Gets Ready For His 30th Birthday Spreading Mental Health Awareness

While most hip hop artist’s bring in thier birthdays flossing the drip and flexing the cash, you also get to see your favorite hip-hop artist mature with time, case in point, Big Sean!

Just hours before the Detroit rapper turned 30, he went to Instagram in trio of videos highlighting the importance of grounding one’s self mentally in order to protect their emotional stability.

“I’m turning 30, and I don’t regret nothing that I ever been through in life. Everything made me who I am, period. But if there is something that I feel that I could have done better, and going to do better moving forward… is taking better care of myself… taking better care of my mental and how I feel.”

Sean also emphasizes heavily on self-care and love, following the death of one of his friend’s who recently committed suicide.

“Nobody knew what he was going through. Point is, we in this together… All of us. These are our problems… If I got a mental illness or someone around us, we got to speak up because these are our problems.”

Kudos to Big Sean  for using his birthday to spread positive energy and being the voice for his fans who may be searching for answers or help surrounding mental health.

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