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Raz B Vs J. Boog: B2K Beef??!


Raz B Vs J. Boog: B2K Beef??!

Whew chile!!!

The Millennium Tour has been one of the biggest tours of 2019 thus far, but the drama behind the scenes has been all the way real from the start!

Case in point, the group announced on Friday that Raz B would be absent for the rest of their Florida dates.

B2K via Instagram:

To Our Fans,

Raz B has made the brave decision to take some time off to focus on his health and well-being, and will not be performing at the Florida dates of The Millennium Tour. We send our love and full support to our brother as he embarks on this self care journey. We love you all and can’t wait to see you in Jacksonville!



Everything came to an complete halt after a recent domestic violence arrest and the comments Raz B made several weeks ago on Instagram stating that he would be quitting the tour because he didn’t feel safe with Chris Stokes still lurking around. However, the following day all four group members cleared things up in video assuring fans the tour would go on with Raz.

Despite them appearing to be all on the same page, it’s alleged that one of Raz B’s fellow members is actually the one who’s been trolling Raz B on the low, knowing he suffers from extreme PTSD.

Several weeks ago in Houston, a source from Bossip alleged J. Boog antagonized Raz B at the B2K Meet & Greet by wearing a shirt that says I DON’T FEEL SAFE.

Take a good and close look at Raz B’s body language….hmmmmm.

And by the looks of things Boog is still close friends and business partners with Chris Stokes. The two even have plans release a movie with Chris Stokes this fall.

Real interesting right?!

Loyalty is key but is it worth sabotaging your own tour, especially now that the world is checking for B2K again?

Just my Phatgyrlsnoop 2 cents…what’s yours?!

Both the Editor in Chief and Lead Entertainment Reporter for PhatGyrlSnoop

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