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Usher To Accuser: Tell Me How I Gave You Herpes Or Pay $2,500 In Sanctions


Usher To Accuser: Tell Me How I Gave You Herpes Or Pay $2,500 In Sanctions

Usher fights back in court!
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Usher wants Los Angeles courts to force one of the women who allege he gave her herpes to pay $2,500 in sanctions in the ongoing case.

The Blast reported the Atlanta artist claims his accuser , (identified in legal docs as Jane Doe),  and her lawyers went completely left in the case when she refused to answer questions during a deposition last month.

In June 25, 2019 deposition, Usher asked his accuser multiple questions about how she contracted Herpes from him.

The Burn singer, (no pun intended), asked the judge presiding over the case to enforce financial penalties for her silence in the deposition, and force her to answer the questions on the record.

His defense is that the woman had no basis to stonewall him, implying to the court her silence was ‘based on two objections, both of which are so frivolous as to be sanctionable’.

Amidst the deposition, the woman’s legal team advised her to stay quiet, as the questions invaded her privacy according to reports.

The singer has been in the courts the past few years dealing with multiple accusations of passing on sexually-transmitted diseases by multiple women and a male accuser.

TMZ reported  back in May,  an ‘amicable resolution’ was reached in a settlement with one of the accusers named Laura Helm, who was seeking $20 million in damages after accusing the singer of jeopardizing her health by having unprotected sex with her. The suit was initially filed in 2017, then it was brought back to court the next year.

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And don’t forget that Ur-shur was also in litigation with a man, identified in court docs as John Doe, who claimed the singer exposed him to herpes at a Los Angeles spa.

That case was later withdrawn.

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