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Trey Songz On Allegedly Assaulting Woman at NBA All-Star Party: It Was Self Defense


Trey Songz On Allegedly Assaulting Woman at NBA All-Star Party: It Was Self Defense

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Trey Songz is demanding the courts to drop the lawsuit made against him because he says if he used any force against a woman it was only to protect himself’.

Songz (aka Tremaine Neverson), is arguing self-defense as the reason to throw out the case according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

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Not only is the ‘Say Ah’ singer saying he is not responsible for any harm suffered by Andrea Buera, (the woman suing him) from the incident,  he is also alleging he “reasonably believed Plaintiff was going to harm him and any force he used was only the amount reasonable necessary to protect himself.”

Buera is accusing Songz of assaulting her at a party in the Hollywood Hills during this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend. She claimed he became real upset after she spoke to one of his friends.

The night of the incident, she alleges Songz came up to her at his party while she was having a conversation with another musician named Chisanity. He then allegedly became enraged and started following her around the party in stalk mode fashion. Buera then claims Songz viciously beat her while she kept begging him to stop and pleading to let her leave. Buera said instead he punched her again causing her to collapse and hit a parked car. Buera said the only reason the attack stopped was because his bodyguard intervened.

Newly filed docs reported that Songz denies all allegations of wrongdoing and wants her lawsuit to be dismissed.

Tremaine’s logic? Simple. If Buera’s suffered damages it was due to her wrongful conduct.

The singer did go to jail over the alleged attack but both the L.A. City Attorney and the D.A. both declined to press charges against Songz because of the lack of evidence. Songz  never admitted to the allegations, claiming he was “being lied on and falsely accused for someone’s personal gain.”  After the criminal case was dropped,  Buera then sued Songz for assault and battery relating to the alleged incident.

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Buera is suing for unspecified damages for all the alleged injuries and medical expenses.

The case continues.

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