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Jussie Smollett Skips Federal Court Hearing


Jussie Smollett Skips Federal Court Hearing

Is this really shocking though?

The Jussie Smollett case has made its way back to federal court Tuesday morning for a hearing on the city of Chicago’s $130,000 lawsuit against the “Empire” co-star.

In case you were living on planet Mars and are not familiar on the case, the city alleges Smollett o staged a racist and anti-gay attack against himself back in January, if found liable, Smollett will be forced to fork out a whopping $130,000 in police overtime and other expenses.

Although a thorough investigation by authorities concluded that Smollett did in fact know his alleged attackers and staged the whole thing, the criminal aspect of him filing a false report has since been dropped by state prosecutors.

William Quinlan, Smollett’s attorney, says this theory is going to take a lot of work to prove in court.

William Quinlan:

“Two basic issues, which is one is the causation, which is taking what the city says, they don’t tie together what they allege are the facts, which obviously my client disputes, with the cause for overtime, which is why the overtime occurred versus using different policemen in different shifts and the like and we believe they have to be intertwined and tied together.”

Smollett was a no show in court Tuesday. If this case moves forward, Smollett’s team would like to correspond with city officials, including Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

The case will continue in court on October 22 and at that time the judge will announce her decision on whether or not the case will be dismissed.

Even if the case is dismissed, Smollett legal woes will not be over yet.

Another hearing is set for this Friday in which a special prosecutor maybe assigned to do a more in depth investigation into the case which means there is a chance Smollett could be charged again.

Despite all of this Smollett‘s camp maintain the attack was real.

What’s your 2 cents?!

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