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Newark Will Reportedly Devote $120 Million to Replace Lead Pipe


Newark Will Reportedly Devote $120 Million to Replace Lead Pipe

Over the next three years $120 million bond will go towards replacing lead pipes and will be set upon landlords agreeing to the “line replacement program.”

Newark, New Jersey has been experiencing a major water crisis over the last three months and officials are trying to act fast for a solution. reported that pipes in several housing units have been contaminated because of “decades-old lead service lines.”

A $120 million bond over the last three years is aimed to replace these pipes and will be contingent upon landlords agreeing to the “line replacement program” brought on by the city. State Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex), has been on her grind getting landlords on board to help accelerate the pace.

State Sen. Teresa Ruiz:

“We’re a city that has a lot of renters. And if you have a landlord that’s not engaged and doesn’t sign up, then it would prevent the city from replacing the lead-lined pipes. And therefore, that’s not allowing us to protect the renters, who should have a voice in this process.”

Votes on the allocation can likely be on the ballod by October or even as late as November.

It has also be reported that Mayor Ras Baraka will be enforcing that homeowners will not be responsible for the lead pipe’s replacement and the Essex County Improvement Authority will shell out bonds “at no cost to county taxpayers.”

With a $75 million plan notes the city plans to replace pipes, an estimated 18,000, over the next eight. At this time, 770 pipes have been restored.

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