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Akon Talks Michael Jackson Allegations With Ebro In the Morning


Akon Talks Michael Jackson Allegations With Ebro In the Morning

Akon shared his views on the public opinion of his friend and collaborator, Michael Jackson. The African music mogul sat down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss a series of topics, including the allegations against the late King Of Pop.

Although he did not pick sides, his thoughts on the child and accusations surrounding Jackson that resurfaced in the Leaving Neverland documentary earlier this year, Akon did make it clear that if Jackson did in fact young boys when he was alive, he would no longer support him as a person.

Akon via Ebro in the Mornin:

“I’m a realist, if Mike was a or he was a or something like that… I’m not gonna sit here and defend him. I must tell you straight up, ‘Yo bruh that dude right there, I can’t rock with him. It’s no different from R. Kelly. I know R. Kelly, but when I found that’s what it was, I would tell him to his face, ‘Bro, you up for that.'”

Akon says he believes Neverland Ranch was built so that Michael could relive the childhood that he missed out on because of his early stardom, and no one really knows what actually happened behind closed doors, or if anything happened at all.

“Mike was one of the most powerful men in the music business. That was all humanitarian and just him having a love for kids period.”

Watch the entire interview below where Akon shares some classic stories, thoughts on Michael Jackson, Eminem, Whitney Houston, R. Kelly and so much more:

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