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Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His Bad Boy Image, Madonna, & Donald Trump


Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His Bad Boy Image, Madonna, & Donald Trump

Google NBA’s top bad boys and Dennis Rodman’s name should be at the top of the list. He recently sat down with The Breakfast Club where he shared some real bizarre but very interesting stories, including how his former girlfriend, Madonna, offered him $20 million to knock her up!

Rodman via TBC:

“She asked me that if I got her pregnant she’d pay me $20 million. That’s if the baby was born.”

Rodman went on to say that he wasn’t the only one of Madonna’s past lovers who was given that kind of offer.

Not only did Rodman get candid about his relations with Madonna, he also spoke about how he went from being one of Michael Jordan’s friends to them being not so friendly with him or his former Chicago Bull teammates.

Here’s the backstory:

Rodman was a member of the Bad Boys era Detroit Pistons team. During that time, there was a bitter rivalry between Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Eventually, Rodman ended up joining the Bulls in 1995. When asked Jordan’s reaction to him as a teammate, Rodman says winning was the only focus.

“We never really talked off the court… We never really talked in public.”

“We met at Jerry Krause’s house—me, Scottie [Pippen], Micheal, Phil [Jackson], his wife—and we all had to go break bread at the GM’s house. Scottie didn’t talk to me. I didn’t care.”

For the full interview, you can watch it below.

Who else can be able to work around co-workers they can’t stand?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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