Police report snippet:

“Yasin viciously punched Plaintiffs with a closed fist that caused Plaintiffs to suffer serious brain injuries, broken bones, and lacerations. Yasin dealt Plaintiffs multiple devastating blows to the head and upper body with such force that Plaintiffs’ nerve roots within their teeth were damaged.”

Take a look at the shocking video below:

Clearly you can hear the women begging and pleading for Touray to stop!

This has created some major problems in AB’s camp!

Not only did Touray’s get arrested, him and A Boogie’s management team are now being because of the alleged attack. A Boogie’s name is now involved in the suit because Touray reportedly was “under his supervision.” However, A Boogie’s team calls this suit BS because the nature of the rapper’s relationship with Touray is that he only worked for him as a subcontractor for certain shows and had no full time responsibilities.

Should AB be responsible for his employee’s actions?

What’s your 2 cents?!