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Female Knocked Out At DaBaby’s Concert


Female Knocked Out At DaBaby’s Concert

Photo via TMZ:

Things got way out of hand Saturday’s DaBaby concert, resulting with a female fan getting knocked out cold by his hired security.

DaBaby perfomed at the Free Water Block Party In New Orleans and just as things were going good, 30 minutes into his set he decides to jump into the crowd, (something he does at all of his concerts).

This made the crowd get a little too lit for his security to manage,and you see a female fan run over to him, trying to get a pic with the rapper.

DaBaby pushes the female fan off, and when she tries to touch him and clearly didn’t take the hint its a no go on the pic, his security hits the female with such a devastating punch it completely knocks her out cold!

The woman was unconscious for a minute, her friends were able to get to her and get her out of the venue.

Check out the TMZ video below:

The show was a wrap and shut down immediately, and the woman was treated by paramedics on sight.

If this is how DaBay’s security is set up then maybe he should think twice before jumping into the crowd!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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