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Stacey Dash: I’m Too Broke To Hire A Lawyer


Stacey Dash: I’m Too Broke To Hire A Lawyer

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This story is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Stacey Dash has got some common folk issues other than this alleged domestic violence charge, rumor has it, the actress is crying broke!

TMZ reported Dash filed legal docs claiming she is indigent, (in other words doesn’t have the financial means to hire a private lawyer). She’s asking to be represented by a public defender in her case.

TMZ was first to break the story on Dash’s arrest Sunday after a domestic disturbance that resulted with her husband getting scratches on his arm. Stacey is claiming self-defense, and that her hubby tried to choke her … and she had to fight him off.

Stacey also alleges her husband, who’s an attorney, got his kids to lie for him, claiming she assaulted him first

And as for the public defender…Dash got her wish!

The judge did sign off on one for her, at least for now, so Stacey could have legal backup just in case charges are filed. The arrest is for misdemeanor domestic violence.

Dash has to provide proof to the judge to show she’s really in financial need.

Welcome to having real people problem Stac!!!!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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