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Dwight Howard Sued By Gay YouTube Star Over Harassment Claims After Their Relationship Went Sour


Dwight Howard Sued By Gay YouTube Star Over Harassment Claims After Their Relationship Went Sour

Dwight Howard says his Assaulting accuser lawsuit and claim don’t hold an ounce of water including that the NBA star was “in everyone raw” at “transgender sex parties.”

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The Hornets player asked the judge to rule in his favor in the lawsuit that accuses him of threatening a gay YouTube star when their alleged relationship ended badly.

Howard’s lawyer filed court docs contesting that his accuser Masin Elije has no concrete evidence whatsoever that he wanted to harm him, or offered him money to sign a nondisclosure agreement and zero proof that Howard sexually harassed him.

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And here is where some may feel these claims are a little bit sketchy….

Elije can’t come up with one witness who would testify that they have first hand knowledge of his accusations, including knowing that Howard personally invited Elije to his basketball games, sent him nude pics or that he had some kind of “understanding” with a “transgender prostitute.”

According to Bossip, Howard’s lawyer also contend that Elije has no proof to back up claims that the NBA player “was in everyone raw” and at “transgender sex parties,” or does has anyone who’d be willing to give testify about it in open court, according to court docs.

But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen….

Howard’s lawyer points out that he asked Elije to produce the evidence in the case so they can get things going with the trial. But Elije never did, and now he says enough is enough.

Elije, (born Maurice Singletary), sued Howard in back in February, accusing Howard of harassment and threatening him online and by phone when he refused Howard’s request to sign a nondisclosure agreement about their alleged relationship.

And Howard is fighting back!

Howard countersued Elije for $10 million, with claims he don’t even know him and accuses him of trying to use Howard’s name for social media clout chasing and to create a buzz for his novel “Industry Hoe.”

No response from Elije on the lawsuit since Oct. 3.

If one is down-low and creeping…should there be any witnesses?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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