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DMX Voluntary Checked Himself Into To Avoid Another Relapse


DMX Voluntary Checked Himself Into To Avoid Another Relapse

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DMX decided to maintain his sobriety with drug addiction before another relapse occurred which could possibly have lead to more legal trouble and that’s the reason behind him checking into rehab.

Sources from the rapper’s camp says one of his kids is very ill in and out of the hospital and combined stress of that along with the pressure of taking the stage again is causing major temptation for him to start using.

Its reported X knew he needed help balancing his home and work life without the using, so he voluntary checked himself into rehab in hopes to learn how to cope with his issues going forward.

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X is fully aware that a relapse could ruin his freedom, and wants to stay out of prison so he can support his family and friends, while still be able to perform for his fans.

DMX is on probation and gets tested randomly for drugs and alcohol … so another failed test could result in him back behind bars.

The rapper went to Instagram to announce the canceling of a couple of shows and checking himself into a rehab facility, and was putting his family and his sobriety first.

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DMX has been struggling with addiction for a long time and has been to jail numerous times for drug-related charges, going in and out of rehab.

He was just released from prison this January for tax evasion.

Well good for X for putting his sobriety first!!!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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