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Future To His Alleged Baby Mama: Stop Lyin, You Not Broke


Future To His Alleged Baby Mama: Stop Lyin, You Not Broke

This drama Future is getting more and more bizzare….

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Future is fighting back against the woman alleging he fathered his seventh child with her saying she’s nothing but a fraud.

The Atlanta rapper filed legal docs requesting a Broward County judge to throw out the paternity case against him because he claims the alleged baby mama, Eliza Seraphin, is after his pockets.

Future says Eliza claims she needs child support from Future because she has no bank account, no income and no whip. Future however is calling this BS because first off, he says, a simple look into Eliza’s IG page reveals she has several financial hustles, case in point a brand ambassador.

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Future also says Eliza’s IG page shows she has multiple cars including a lease for a 2018 Range Rover. Future alleges Eliza has filed a financial affidavit admitting to having several checking accounts in the past.

To wrap all this up, Future’s camp is calling her a fraud because “the petitioner is lying about financial matters at the onset of case which is solely based on her attempt to extort money from” him.

But the major keypoint is that he doesn’t even address whether or not he’s the child’s father. Eliza alleges he refuses to take a paternity test.

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In earlier Phatgyrlsnoop reports Eliza filed docs claiming Future got her pregnant and straight dipped on her after she gave birth to a baby girl back in April. She also says she had to sell her car just to meet ends meet.

A second woman from Texas is also claiming Future’s the daddy of her son, Legend.

See how social media flossing can get a person caught up?! But why not take the paternity test once and for all?

What’s your 2 cents?!

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