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21 Savage To ICE Officials: Let Me Tour!


21 Savage To ICE Officials: Let Me Tour!

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21 Savage has been a prisoner of the America’s immigration system for a while now. Not only is he facing deportation, he can’t even leave the country, this is making it hard for him to make a living. And to make matters worse there is not even have a court date in sight!

Back in Febuary Savage was arrested in Atlanta and placed in ICE custody. According to reports he entered the U.S. legally from the UK back in 2005, but his visa expired so technically he’s been living here illegally for years.

Via Google Images

The rapper has not been able to get a work permit for 8 months, which means he can’t work domestically. He was finally able to get one last month, so now he can work in the U.S., BUT traveling outside of the country is a no go until things are cleared up with immigration first.

For a music artist nowadays selling records doesn’t cut it financially these days, so artists make a majority of their money by doing tours, and every country outside of the U.S. is off-limits.

Here’s where things get really messed up..

Immigration courts in the ATL are ridiculously backed up with hundreds of backlogged cases. There are some people who have just gotten court dates for 2022. Savage doesn’t even have a court date yet, and it could take years to resolve his case.

Where’s Kim K.?! He needs you right now girl!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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