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Ray J to Princess Love: I Didn’t Leave You & Our Daughter Stranded


Ray J to Princess Love: I Didn’t Leave You & Our Daughter Stranded

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Ray J is addressing the recent drama with his wife who is pregnant denying her claim that he left her and their daughter “stranded,” expressing disappointment that she aired their business on social media.

And where does he do this venting?!

On social media of course!

So let me catch you up! Ok, so Princess Love recently put Ray J on blast online, claiming he left her behind in Vegas and blocked her calls and on Instagram.

In the video posted to IG, Ray seems confused about how he could have “stranded’ her and their daughter, Melody, if they never left the place they were staying at in the first place.

Then he set his attention to Princess Love about it not being cool to take their argument to social media saying they need to instead love and embrace each other during the tough times, especially with the new baby coming soon.

As for what started the lover’s quarrel its alleged Ray J traveled to Vegas on a business trip with his wife and daughter but while they were there some issues that had been building up came to a boiling point.

Allegedly the argument  was over how much he’s working with her being 8 1/2 months pregnant — and Ray wasn’t trying to hear none of it and decided to get his own hotel room.

Ray J’s makes it clear he didn’t abandon his family or put Melody in danger and implies this is just a regular couples’ fight that went out of hand. According to Ray, he just wanted to give Princess some space and it got misunderstood.

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On the flip side….

In his video, he does manage to squeeze in an apology near the end also saying the devil is trying to bring him down, but he’s not gonna let that happen.

To add to all this confusion he added in the caption … “Love lost this time” with a broken heart emoji.

Well if she can forgive him for pushing her in a pool on national TV and cheating, they can get pass anything!

What’s your 2 cents!

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