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T.I On The Red Table Talk: “This False Narrative Has Been Sensationalized”


T.I On The Red Table Talk: “This False Narrative Has Been Sensationalized”


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T.I. and his wife Tiny decided to set the record straight on “Red Table Talk”.

This eposide of the anticipated T.I./Tiny episode of “Red Table Talk” finally aired on Facebook Watch. Along with his wife Tiny he addressed the recent controversy surrounding him taking his daughter to the gynecologist to make sure she’s still a virgin.

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The special 2-part eposide of Red Table Talk begins with Will and Jada greeting T.I. and Tiny when they arrived. Tip is then shocked after finding out Will won’t be sticking around to “help him out”.

Check out part 1 of 2 below:

What in the back peddaling is going on TIP…..

T.I. claims he didn’t think people would take him so literally. Both him and Tiny tried to make it clear that Deyjah and her mom both consented for T.I. to be present at her appointment when she was 15 and not 18.

According to T.I. “this false narrative has been sensationalized.”

But was it tho?!

Should Deyjah and her mom been part of the conversation? The questions we have are endless.

Or maybe we should trust T.I. when he says his daughter asked him not to further address anything until the show.

Part two of the special Red Table Talk episode with T.I. and wife Tiny will air next Wednesday, November 27 on Facebook Watch.

Will you be tuning in?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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