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Prosecutors Accuse R. Kelly of Paying a Bribe To Get 15-Year-Old Aaliyah A Fake ID, So They Could Illegally Wed


Prosecutors Accuse R. Kelly of Paying a Bribe To Get 15-Year-Old Aaliyah A Fake ID, So They Could Illegally Wed

Whew chile these prosecutors are not here to play with Kellz or his affiliates….

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Allagations of R. Kelly paying off a state official to get a fake ID so he could marry the underage Aaliyah, has now surfaced

According to court docs that The Blast leaked, Kelly is now being accused and charged of bribing an Illinois state official. Prosecutors claim Kellz, (then 27-years-old), got the ID for Aaliyah, (15-years-old at the time), the day before they illegally married.

In other words they forged the marriage certificate to say Aaliyah was 18.

Via Google Images

Court docs via The Blast:

“On or about August 30, 1994, within the Northern District of Illinois, the defendant ROBERT SYL VESTER KELLY , together with others, did knowingly and intentionally cause another individual to promise and tender to a public officer and public employee property, to wit: Unites States currency, that such public officer and public employee was not authorized by law to accept, with the intent to influence the performance of an act related to the employment and function of a public officer and public employee, to wit: the creation of a fraudulent identification document for Jane Doe #1.

Prosecutors in the new court documents wrote:

“The defendant ROBERT SYLVESTER KELLY was the leader of the Enterprise.”

They also accuse Kelly of:

“Committing, attempting and aiding and abetting the commission of crimes, conspiring to commit crimes, including but not limited to engaging in sexual activity with girls under 18 years old, engaging in and facilitating sexual activity without disclosing a sexually transmitted disease KELLY had contracted, producing child pornography, bribery and extortion.”

Still no comments from the late singer’s family.

No matter how old this video is its still creepy:

What’s your 2 cents?!

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