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Where Was Canela?! New Footage Shows Brother Nature Getting Paws Put On Him


Where Was Canela?! New Footage Shows Brother Nature Getting Paws Put On Him

And restaurant claims it was him who started the whole altercation!!!

Via @Kelv Instagram

New video released by La Sandwicherie in Miami appears to proves the restaurant’s claims that Kelvin Pena, aka Brother Nature, “started the entire altercation” that was first reported as him being jumped. 

La Sandwicherie says the incident started when Brother Nature confronted a restaurant patron who ease taking a video of him and a female friend. In an Drama Alert interview, the man who goes by the name “D”, claims he only started recording after noticing Pena acting “drunk” and “belligerent.”

D says Brother Nature arrived at La Sandwicherie after employees announced last call. Allegedly Pena pulled down chairs that were being put up for the night, demanding that he sit at a table, instead of being seated at the bar. 

Pena’s aggressive behavior led to the manager asking him to leave. When Brother Nature female friend informed him that D was recording him, he approached him telling him to delete the footage, and even demanded for him to hand over the phone.

D via Drama Alert:

“He comes right up to me, he gets right in my face, and goes ‘Yo, give me your phone right now.”

“I laughed at him, put my phone on the table, and ask if he knows who’s he’s speaking to.” 

According to La Sandwicherie, when D refused to hand over his phone, Brother Nature said he wanted to “take it outside.” 

As Brother Nature exits La Sandwicherie, he takes out his phone and gestures to D and his cousin. All this is on the video below. 

And D and his mans wanted all the smoke!!!

D says Brother Nature told him to come outside and fight, and was with it. After the brawl, D returns to his seat in the restaurant, and as you can see in the video below, Pena comes back in, starts swinging at his cousin, not D, who alleges that during their fight, Pena ripped off his shirt. 

When D joins in again, we only see the clip where Brother Nature is getting kicked and having drinks poured on him.  

On the video it looks like none of ol’ Brother Nature’s animal crew coulda saved him…but you be the judge!

Check out the surveillance video below:

D says that he was informed by someone at La Sandwicherie that when the police arrived, the restaurant filed the brawl as self-defense.

Did Brother Nature deserve this beat down?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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