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Suge Knight’s Son About Eminem: “This Guy F*cking Sucks”


Suge Knight’s Son About Eminem: “This Guy F*cking Sucks”

Suge Knight’s son, Suge Jacob Knight wants the Eminem smoke too!

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Ok let’s catch up to speed….

Nick Cannon released his first diss track against Eminem this past Monday, which had a surprise feature from Suge Knight on the song. The record starts off by him calling in from prison, and a personal message to Em. This beef between Eminem and Nick Cannon has been renenited and by the looks of it Papa Suge wants in, and so does his son!

Suge Jacob Knight has been going in on social media with a bunch of hateful messages towards Em lately. Suge Jr. posted an image of the rapper, voicing his true feelings and even bashing Em’s swag.

Very safely of course, after all he is an upcoming realtor!

Sharing a pic of Em in a black baseball cap, Suge Jacob said that even the hat “sucks.” Then he went on to mock Eminem fans around the world claiming he’s never heard a single person ask for one of his songs to be played in the car.

In case you haven’t heard Nick and his WildNOut camp’s clapbacks, here you go:

Now there are no sides being picked here…and besides is this really what we consider a real “rap beef”?

Or more like publicity and sponsorship?!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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