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Former NYPD Cop Pleads Guilty On Running Drugs For 6ix9ine-Associated Gang Nine Trey Bloods


Former NYPD Cop Pleads Guilty On Running Drugs For 6ix9ine-Associated Gang Nine Trey Bloods

This 6ix9ine case has more twist and turns than a criminal thriller. Crime, drugs, sex, murder, and now dirty cop shenanigans!

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Former NYPD sergeant Arlicia Robinson has pleaded guilty to running drugs for the Nine Trey Bloods, the gang 6ix9ine was affiliated with. The New York Daily News reported Robinson is facing a sentence between five to six years. Nine Trey’s drug dealer Kristian Cruz testified that he hired the police sergeant to assist him to transport drugs, which later the 39-year-old officer admitted she had run around 100 grams of heroin back in July, 2018.

This according to a court transcript obtained by NYDN:

“I carried the package to a car and rode in the car to help deliver the package. I know what I did was wrong and I’m very sorry.”

This information related to the hearing has just been released to public. Apparently she was reportedly caught in what police named it a “reverse sting.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sebastian Swett:

“The government would have video surveillance of the defendant participating in this drug transaction. The entire setup was surveilled and done at law enforcement’s control and direction.”

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In addition to her prison sentence, Robinson could also be fined between $20,000 and $5 million!

She was indicted back on Nov. 19, 2018, the same time 6ix9ine and other alleged Nine Trey members were arrested on racketeering along with other charges.

6ix9ine is expected to be sentenced on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Prosecutors recently indicated that up to 10 years could be shaved off his sentencing, partly due to his cooperation with authorities during the Nine Trey trials. He previously faced a minimum of 47 years behind bars following his guilty plea to racketeering conspiracy and other charges.

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What’s your 2 cents?!

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