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Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $783K To Sexual Assault Victim


Adrien Broner Ordered To Pay $783K To Sexual Assault Victim


It’s now reported AB owes even more coins to the victim!

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The court awarded prejudgment and post-judgment interest, which means Broner has to fork out another $46k!

This brings the grand total to a whooping $830k … and the way the interest is set up the number will continue to go up until he pays the debt in full.

The boxing star was ordered to pay more than $700k to a woman who accuses AB of sexually assaulted her at a nightclub back in 2018.

According to court docs, the woman using the alias Katherine Larson alleges she was sitting on a couch when Broner pushed up on her and shoved his tongue down her throat at a Cleveland nightclub back on June 8, 2018.

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The woman also alleges Broner continued with the assault until his friend eventually pulled him off her.

The woman went straight to police, filing a report and later filing the lawsuit against Broner. Broner pled guilty to the assault and unlawful restraint of Ms. Larson earlier this year.

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Larson says she’s been so terrifi by Broner’s attack, she had to do months of counseling and therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder.

This past Tuesday, things are not looking so good for Broner, the judge in the civil case ordered hin to pay over a grand total of $783,752 in damages and fees to the victim.

While issuing the award, the judge noted that Broner did not show up to defend himself against the woman’s accusations.

The judge ruled that the woman did prove “by clear and convincing evidence that [Broner] acted maliciously and that a substantial punitive award is necessary to punish and deter him from engaging in similar conduct in the future.”

Broner has gained millionare status thanks to his boxing career and never been afraid to flaunt his wealth on social media. Now that his career is on the down side, this massive judgment could have a serious impact on his financial situation.

Maybe 50 Cent can lend homeboy a helping hand!

What’s your 2 cents?!

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