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Fizzle-Pop’s Ex’s Tiffany & Moniece Link Up And Talk Breakups


Fizzle-Pop’s Ex’s Tiffany & Moniece Link Up And Talk Breakups

Moniece Slaughter might be done with Love & Hip Hop (for now) but she’s certainly not done with being our favorite petty princess!

Via Google Images


Via Google Images

Lil Fizz and Tiffany Campbell intially got together on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood”. They ended their relationship in front of ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ cameras, *side eyes*, and now Tiffany is dishing the dirt to his baby mama Moniece.


And how did this short romance start? Tiffany claims Fizz approached her after a #LHHH reunion and somehow a few hours later they ended up making out at a bar.

Via Google Images

According to Tiff the public kissing was the only highlight of their relationship. Tiffany also says Fizz was boring, a liar and used her for a reality tv show check. And after Fizz got that Marriage Boot Camp check dude straight bou-zounced!!!

Chile….but this aint really surprising news, Fizz been had that type of reputation in these skreets…!

Fast forward to the 5:30 mark below to hear all the petty deets!

What’s your 2 cents!

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