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Clip Of Kevin Hart vs. Personal Trainer Has Fans In Uproar


Clip Of Kevin Hart vs. Personal Trainer Has Fans In Uproar

Was Kevin Hart being a**hole boss or nah?!

Well a clip of him arguing with his personal trainer from his released Netflix documentary allegedlly appears so!

The clip landed on Twitter and fans went cray cray!

In the ‘Don’t F**ck This Up’ clip, Kevin Hart and his employee/friend Ron Everline things almost got physical on camera after Kevin cockingly reminds the guy that he does not have a “house” to call his own. The facts remain unknown, but Ron was not having Kev trying to play him just because he signs them checks.

Ron was ready to break Hart in half!

Kevin did explain later in the doc that he was under stress at the time of the argument after finding out that a close friend allegedly tried to extort him.

He apologized for being a d**k.

Check out the shenanigans below:

Things seem to be all good now between the two because after all Ron still works for Hart. But the way Ron slapped that camera down it looked like he was gonna kill poor Kev!!

Did Kev cross the line tho?! What’s your 2 cents?!

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