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Damon Dash Sues We TV …You Supplied My Son Booze On ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Now Pay Up


Damon Dash Sues We TV …You Supplied My Son Booze On ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Now Pay Up

Damon Dash is very upset at We TV for allegedly taking back a promise not to let his son to drink alcohol on “Growing Up Hip Hop” …so much so he is now suing the network.

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TMZ obtained the new lawsuit which shows Damon Dash accuses We TV of making his son, Damon “Boogie” Dash, drink alcohol to boose ratings for the reality show, even though they had agreed not to give Boogie a drop of liquor.

In the lawsuit, Dame alleges his family’s suffered emotional distress as a result of We TV’s insistence that Boogie consumes alcohol on the show.

Dame’s also says the network owes him back money for his work on the show.

However Damon does admit there’s a court order directing We TV to transfer all money to Dame’s creditors, but says We TV should not be keeping the money in this case, because the money should be paid to his third-party company, Poppington.

Dame is going after every dime owed, by any means necessary!

No word from We TV or Boogie so far.

What’s your 2 cents?!

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