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Future Accuses Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign Of “Perjury”, Wants Gag Order & Her Paternity Case To Be Thrown Out


Future Accuses Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign Of “Perjury”, Wants Gag Order & Her Paternity Case To Be Thrown Out

However the alleged baby mama, Eliza Reign, seems to be all smiles despite the ATL rapper hitting her with a lawsuit.

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Can we say unbothered….?!?!

Future’s alleged baby mama Eliza Reign doesn’t seem to give any f’s only hours after the rapper slapped her with a massive lawsuit.

Eliza posted the below smiling pic on Instagram with the caption:

“I keep my teeth clean, cause I love to talk back 😃”

If unbothered was a look!!!

This pic seems to be a direct message to Future’s lawsuit that accused her of defamation.

Yesterday, Future filed a federal lawsuit against Eliza accusing her of defaming his good name, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Eliza is suing Future for paternity, child support, and custody. She alleges he is the father of her daughter Reign. Future hasn’t responded to the paternity claim in court yey. He has however attempted to get a judge to sign off on a gag order prohibiting Eliza from speaking about him publicly.

Eliza Reign via Instagram

In Future’s lawsuit, he admitted to having sexual relations with Eliza from 2016 until 2018. He says after she got pregnant she started to harass him on a daily basis. According to Future she called him so much it lead to him to change his number!

Future alleges Eliza has gone on a public campaign to bring down his image. He claims she has been speaking on “intimate facts” she learned “during private consensual sexual activity.” Future refers to several statements and interviews where Eliza has spoke on him.

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He then goes in on Eliza stating her actions constitute “a shameful and outrageous invasion” of his rights to privacy. Future claims Eliza has no regard for human dignity and only cares about her getting more followers on social media. He also believes she’s running around talking about him in hopes of becoming a celebrity. Future says thanks to Eliza it has caused him to suffer from “substantial embarrassment, humiliation and hurt feelings.”

Awwwwww….poor tink tink!

Future says he wouldn’t have slept with Eliza if he had knowledge she would talk publicly humiliate him. His lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages plus an injunction prohibiting Eliza from speaking about him in the media.

What’s your 2 cents?!

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