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Waaaaait….wah?! Papa John Tries To Explain His “N-Word” Firing


Waaaaait….wah?! Papa John Tries To Explain His “N-Word” Firing

And not in a good way either!

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On July 11th, 2018, Papa John’s founder and former CEO John Schnatter stepped down from his Chairman position after a scandal that he allegedly said the “N-Word” while on a conference call. On January 1st of the same year, (six months after it happened), he stepped down from being CEO for the controversial comments he made in November of 2017, criticizing NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell for not doing anything about national anthem protests by the players.

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And to make matters even worse, the conference call that he allegedly used the racial slur in was a call for “racial sensitivity training.” But let Schnatter tell it he wasn’t being racist, he just simply said, “Colonel Sanders called blacks n***ers and Sanders never faced public outcry”. Little did he know that the call in which he said the racial slur was being recorded and he claims the media outlet ‘Laundry Service’ (who was on that call) tried to extort him for $6 million once the company gave him the boot.

The audio has never been released to this day and the damage was already done since Laundry Service was able to get Forbes to cover the story without actually releasing the audio. This led to his overall exit from the company and him writing an op-ad about not giving him a pass for using ‘N-word’.

Ok now fast forward to earlier this week, Schnatter stopped by H3 Podcast to try to explain the situation, but really he just made matters it worse!

While on the podcast, Papa John spoke on the situation in more detail and claims he isn’t a racist but says some things that may have you doing some major side eyes. First he claims that he hates racial slurs, and that if he is out eating dinner and someone uses the N-word, he will get up and leave ASAP. This scenario makes host Ethan Klien stop and question why on God’s earth would people use the term while out to dinner, to which John tried to shrug it off and downplaying the question.

Later in the podcast he says that in one of the meetings he walked into before he left the company, he was given a test anf the first question was, “Are you a racist?” This brings on a clear indication that the company was already in on his behavior and comments towards people of color and messing up everyone’s coins.

He took the majority of the podcast to explain how the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, thr board of directors, and execs from Laundry Service were all just “out to get him” from the start.

If you give a care to listen to his excuses about the N-word scandal check out the entire podcast episode below:

What’s your 2 cents?!

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