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T.I.,Tiny & Boris Kodjoe Talk About ‘Hiding Dirt’ In His Marriage


T.I.,Tiny & Boris Kodjoe Talk About ‘Hiding Dirt’ In His Marriage

Welp! This turned left expediTIously fast!

So a snippet from T.I.’s ExpediTIously podcast is going cray cray on the internet, the clip features a couple known for being the poster children of ‘black love’ sharing their secrets to a good marriage.

T.I. and wife Tiny had Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker as guests for on thier Valentine’s Day podcast episode titled “Mr. & Mrs. H discuss Love & Happiness w/ Boris and Nicole.”

Things got very interesting when Tip asked the couple about handling marital problems and keeping them “in house.” The couple, who’ve been married for nearly 15 years, claims there’s no “secret” to them looking like a picture-perfect couple. Boris admits however they gave each “space to mess up.”

Boris Kudjoe:

“I always say, life’s not easy but it’s simple. And what I mean—I tell my kids that all the time. If you make some right choices, life can be very simple. There might be challenges that might come up, that you’re not in control of—which is the not easy part. But if you have a solid constitution of values and principles you can get over those challenges. And in a relationship, I think it’s the same thing. When you are willing to give the other person the space to mess up cuz we all human. You have to be willing to give your partner a chance to f*ck up royally and not run for the hills. But to stick it out, grow through the process, with your partner as well as individually and you come out of the other end a better human.”

T.I. says him “f*cking up” made Tiny a “good human” which made Tiny herself jump in, asking why the public’s never heard any “dirt” on Boris and Nicole’s relationship.

Boris respond simply because there is NONE!

Boris via the podcast:

“I would never want to embarrass myself or her or the kids or anybody.”

Ok Boris…we see you part of the “black men don’t cheat” movement!

“Tiny: But my thing is, how do you keep it where it stays inside, stays in house. I haven’t heard any dirt on them.

Boris: I don’t think there’s a lot of major dirt but we also respect each other enough that I would never want to embarrass myself or her or the kids or anybody.

T.I.: That’s so sweet. You making all of us look bad.

Boris: Well, you asked me a question. What do you want me to do, lie?

T.I.: (Jokingly) Show’s over, man!

Tiny: Laughs That is a good man.

T.I.: I’m just joking but I admire that.”

Boris’ candid comment about not embarrassing his family, as to be expected went viral on social media, but did T.I. expediTIously drag them?!

Check out the clip for yourself below:

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