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Sis Pressed Or Nah?!: Rick Ross’ Ex Brit Eady Shades Jennifer Williams For Flirting With Him


Sis Pressed Or Nah?!: Rick Ross’ Ex Brit Eady Shades Jennifer Williams For Flirting With Him

Brit Eady says Jennifer Williams broked the girl code by flirting with her ex-bae Rick Ross, even going as far as to call her a “thirsty a** groupie B*tch!”

Photos via Brit Eady, Rick Ross & Jennifer Williams Instagram

But did Jen REALLY break the girl code tho?!

So Rick Ross’ ex and IG baddie Brit Eady went in on “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams this week on IG, claiming that she broke girl code.

It all started with an Instagram post. Jennifer Williams was thanking Rozay for her special delivery of his Belaire Rosé champagne. In the post, she was wearing some sexy and revealing lingerie and feather duster.

The caption read:

“@jenniferwilliams Rose all day… Thank you @richforever for keeping me stocked with champagne. Who wants to drink with me?”

So apparently Rick Ross liked what he saw, and the thrist trap was opened responding flirtatiously:

“@richforever Send me the original pic”

This exchange must have sent Brit into her feelings. Brit claims to actually be friends with Jennifer Williams and considered finding her ex being in Jen’s comments breaking girl code. She dragged Jen, calling her all sorts of names but a child of God in her Instagram stories.

Via Brit’s Instagram:

“B*tches be at your crib for Christmas with your family then asking your hair Stylist for the same bob hairstyle then go fck on ur ex a month later #aintnogirlcodewoah…I swear THESE TV HOES SURE BE SOME LOW DOWN DIRTY smile in your face, asks for help a** B*TCHES then block u when u call them out…Shoulda let u stay a nappy headed a** b*tch.”

“Thirsty a** groupie B*tch…I’d @ her again but @jenniferwilliams blocked me…I mind my business and stay out the way. I stay out the mix. Principles are principles.”

Is she ok?!

On the flip side Jennifer responded to Brit and clearly thinks she’s delusional!

A source close to Jen told The Jasmine Brand:

“That girl is not a former friend of Jennifer’s. She is a friend of a friend. Jennifer doesn’t even know her like that. She is doing all this for clout and really in her feelings over a comment from Rick Ross. Furthermore, Jennifer has known him for years.”


What’s your 2 cents?!

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